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In keeping with this, she made a point to write her entries in a kind of code, replacing proper names and places with synonyms or word-play that hopefully would not be understood by anyone but herself.

(PDF) FCE Practice Exam Paper 2 Student 39s Book | Ozan Özyaman - wildragsinagal.gq

Miss Temple left the tea shop at four o'clock, knowing Roger to leave usually at five, and hired a carriage. She instructed her driver in a low, direct tone of voice, after assuring him he would be well paid for his time, that they would be following a gentleman, most likely in another carriage, and that she would knock on the roof of the coach to indicate the man when he appeared. The driver line 31 nodded, but said nothing else. She took his silence to mean that this was a usual enough thing, and felt all the more sure of herself.

When Roger appeared, some forty minutes later, she nearly missed him, amusing herself for the moment by peering through the opera glasses into nearby open windows, but a sudden feeling caused her to glance back at the courtyard gates just in time to see Roger, standing in the road with an air of confidence and purpose that took her breath away, flag down a coach of his own. Miss Temple knocked sharply on the roof of the coach and they were off.

The thrill of the chase, complicated by the nervousness of seeing Roger, was qui : lost when, after the first few turns, it became obvious that Roger's destination was nowhere more interesting than his own home.

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Underline parts of the text where you expect to find the answers to B his work schedule never changed. Write the question C he always ate lunch at a particular location. D she already knew the schedule of his working day. B she was forced to by the shop owner. C she wanted a way to pass the time. D she needed an excuse to stay there. A She had waited for Roger in the wrong place B She needn't have made a purchase at the bookshop C She should have followed Roger back to the Ministry when she had had the chance D She had re-crossed the square at the wrong place 4 Miss Temple decided to follow Roger after work because A she believed that was the time she could find out what she wanted to know.

B she couldn't see what he was doing inside his office. C she didn't want to risk him seeing her outside his office. D she had other, more important things to do during the working day.

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A more determined B less personally involved C better prepared D less confused 6 The word 'this' in line 31 refers to A the driver's silence. B banging on the hood of the carriage. C being asked to follow someone.

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D paying drivers well for their time. When Roger left his office at about five o'clock, Miss Temple A watched him through her new opera glasses. B saw him just before he got into a carriage. C had a sudden feeling of breathlessness. D pretended to be looking into an open window. Miss Temple's excitement at following Roger A increased each time she caught sight of him. B turned into boredom after a while. C ended when her carriage started following him. D disappeared when she realised where he was going.

The Art of Buying How do you find good shops and great deals when bigger discount, the attendant will need to call the shopping for that perfect antique? Judy Smith, an owner of the stall and ask his or her permission. Judy discovered her markets because there are those rare occasions where interest in collecting antiques several years ago. I bought a requires skill, taste, a keen eye and patience.

From that point, I was hooked. When travelling, Judy Carry cash or a chequebook, because dealers will recommends always being on the lookout for eye- usually offer you the best price if you're not paying by catching antiques and then asking people where they credit card.

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Don't try to negotiate a better price by got them. She told me, and I price? II0 As I was shopping at a market or car boot sale, sometimes it can be effective gift shop in Bath, I started talking to the woman at the to take a wad of notes out of your pocket. In a matter of minutes, she provided me with Sellers will think that if you're paying in cash, you're loads of information about antique dealers with shops prepared to close the deal.

It turned out to be one of when antique shopping. The bookseller assured me it was a first edition. Plus space is limited at many careful is important, but sometimes there's no way to market stalls, so you're less likely to find a large avoid this type of.

This way, you'll remember when shopping that chances are the stall's never be sorry, even if you end up with a fake. A Usually the person running the stall is E This is because they offer a more personal authorised to give you only a small service, and the owner can usually give you percentage off the price.

B Pointing out that "there's a scratch on the F Booths there sell an endless range of surface" could put off the seller, and your collectable items - anything from old clothing motives will be obvious. C I felt like an expert with enough experience, G Buyers can be observed among the market so I bought it. D That's a sign that you're ready to buy H Another good tip is to chat with the locals whatever it is that you want. Pay special attention to the :unctions of connectors in the sentences e.

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The reason for this is, Another advantage is that, etc. This will help you make a logical connection with the rest of the text. But after I grew up and met researching and writing a book on the subject. I some of her former students, I realised what a then went on to get my diving certificate. I started difference she had made in people's lives. I started working in England as an instructor, but when I out as a teacher's assistant, but one day I daringly realised there was no real future for me there, I stepped out of my place and tried out some moved to the Caribbean.

I started with a diving innovative teaching techniques. The head teacher company in the British Virgin Islands, which was got to hear about it, and was so impressed that I great, but I notice d that the equipment was moved on to teaching my own class.


I really enjoy somewhat outdated. When I pointed it out to my teaching at secondary level, because I find that boss, he was so surprised that he immediately teenagers are very engaging and we have some ordered new gear for all the instructors. I soon fell great discussions about modem issues in class.

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I enjoy my job, as well as my time off, and now life is perfect. In of supporting myself financially if I did. Then the beginning I was a little nervous about making Mum suggested I try book illustration. She's decisions that would have an impact on the entire pretty wise and she soon convinced me. I started office, but my boss is a close friend and luckily at a small publishing company that produces had faith in me and my abilities. My friends who children's books. I love working there, but in the are still at university don't appreciate the fact beginning I was hopelessly disorganised - I kept that I have a lot of responsibility right now and ordering the wrong types and amounts of that I supervise a large number of employees.

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  • I eventually got the hang of it, though. They're always calling me to go out - to parties or Recently I branched out into drawing a weekly for pizza, but I usually tum down their invitations cartoon for the local newspaper in my spare time, because I have to get up early the next day to go and I hope it will lead to more work of the same to the office. Kenneth Steward - Jewellery Designer I never imagined I would end up doing this kind of work, and I actually fell into it by accident. I wanted to buy my mother a brooch for her birthday, but I couldn't find one I liked, so I decided to design my own.

    Some of her friends saw it and liked it so much that I started to get requests on a regular basis for new designs. My mother likes to boast that her son is a designer, but I wonder what her friends would think if they knew that I haven't had any formal training. My brooch designs became so popular that local jewellery stores began calling me for advice on their own jewellery lines, which is how my new jewellery consulting company was born.

    That's growing rapidly, and I'm also planning to take on some people to help me so I can expand into mail-order jewellery. Read Elizabeth's email and the notes you have made. Then write an email toElizabeth. Make sure yon have covered all the points in your answer and email the style is consistent throughout. Can you tell me exactly what time you're arriving on the 7th? Since you're planning to stay for two weeks, I'll organise a trip to London. There'll be lots of people and even a band! If you can stay longer, I was hoping we could visit my cousins in Scotland.

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    • Can you change your plans? Let me know! Elizabeth No, because Write your email. You must use grammatically correct sentences with accurate spe g and punctuation in a style appropriate for the situation. In essays, it is important to use appropriate linking words to connect similar ideas and introduce opposing ideas. They help the reader follow your piece of writing. Your teacher has now asked you to write an essay, giving your opinion on the following statement: Computers are more advanced than the human brain.